that solve the Corporate Innovation Problem™
and increase your Return On Innovation.

To upgrade your innovation management system
identify areas of underperformance
and take effective action.

Diagnostics that identify underperformance

Using the ENGAGE model, we will pinpoint the critical constraints in your company’s innovation management system. Our joint work can be done in a workshop format or as a small project.

As a result, you will have a clear vision of your upgraded innovation management system and how to get there.


A facilitated discussion about where to upgrade the innovation management system.

Based on the ENGAGE model as a reference point, we conduct structured in-depth interviews with a selection of your company’s innovation stakeholders and selected innovation people.

Using the findings, we facilitate a workshop with Management and key stakeholders. In it, we discuss our improvement hypotheses with you and identify potential routes for improvement.

Health Check

In-depth, quantitative results that show where the key constraints in your  innovation management system are.

After an initial round of interviews we conduct an internal online survey targeted at innovation stakeholders and staff. Interview findings and survey results provide a clear view on where the innovation management system should be upgraded.

We present our hypotheses in a Management workshop in which we will also work on an actionable improvement plan.

Coaching and consulting services to support the change.

Using the ENGAGE model, we can support change in those areas that academia and practitioners see as most relevant for innovation results.

Top Management coaching

Improving innovation results requires Top Management and key stakeholders. Not only to initiate and drive change – but to reinforce their own behavior and communication styles to support innovation.

Some of our clients wish a confidential, neutral, external view on how they are doing. We are there to support.

Energizing in-house networks

Research shows that energized, internal networks of innovation coaches are a key factor in increasing innovation performance.

We support in taking these networks to the next level. Depending on where your company is, we can help in identifying the right people, clarifying their role, providing them with skills and tools and fostering information exchange.

Connecting in-house experts

“If only my company knew what it knows”. One solution is to rally the in-house experts around significant innovation challenges.

To make this effective and efficient, we use best-in-class software to identify relevant internal experts according to their “innovation footprints” and run innovation campaigns. The results: Your experts are connected and your innovation challenge is addressed.

Generating insights from the field

Studies show that “Getting people out in the field” in a planned and structured process produce a large number of innovation insights.

Preparation and process management are key. We help construct the process relevant to you from selecting the right people to their hunt for innovation insights and finally processing them to meaningful ideas.

ENGAGE the organization for Digital

Digital Transformation has two dimensions: Deploying solutions using modern Digital tools (e.g. Cloud or Big Data analytics) –and transforming the company (e.g. via customer-centricity, breaking down silos, installing a 2-speed organization with agile work styles.)

Our ENGAGE model can be used to support your company’s Digital Transformation process. Please have a look at your video HERE.

Innovation skills development

A specific skill set differentiates high performing innovators. Leading companies emphasize Design Thinking, Business Thinking, Systems Thinking and Innovation Leadership.

We support in identifying skill gaps and in developing development programs which are to a large extent “done on the job”. We also help to find the best partner – or, upon request, step in to close the gaps.

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