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Corporate Innovation Problem™
comes from.

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This is the Corporate Innovation Problem™:

Global R&D spend in USD Billions (a proxy for innovation spend) keeps on growing continuously …


… but only 25% of companies
see themselves being excellent
in idea generation AND idea execution.

The Corporate Innovation Problem™ has three root causes.

Complexity problem

In today’s fast-paced, complex, global business world, innovation units are dispersed all over the globe.

This leads to coordination and knowledge management challenges.

Because of the complexity problem, the wheel is reinvented again, synergies are not used fully and innovation insights not shared to the full extent.

Scale-up problem

The real challenge is NOT having many ideas, based on meaningful insights. The real challenge is also NOT finding out the best ones – with respect to customer desirability, technical feasibility and commercial viability.

The real challenge is the ability to scale up the best ideas so that they generate a significant business impact. Using corporate assets but avoid being eaten away by the corporate innovation antibodies.

Systems problem

‘94% of the problem is the system, 6% the individual’, it has been said.

The ‘system’ is the complex fabric of leadership, KPIs, culture, capabilities, structures, processes, IT support, etc.

Deficiencies in how the system is designed and working in real life stifles innovation potential.

We support innovation by solving the systems problem.

Studies have shown that excellence in the front-end of innovation drives growth. Excellence in the back-end drives EBITDA.

An innovation system which ensures excellence in both phases is the way to superior innovation results.

Our proven and academically founded ENGAGE model shows you where the focal points for improving the existing innovation system are.

Our services help you to act upon in these insights. And pave the way to superior innovation results.

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