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Today’s topics: The importance of have a best-in-class innovation management system; Categorizing the methods for validating innovation concepts; BCG: Innovation is a key driver for future organizations.

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Bad innovation systems beat good innovators (almost) every time

Time to read: 3 minutes

The father of modern Quality Management, Dr. W. Edwards Demming, once coined the famous phrase: ‘94% of the problem is the system, 6% the individual.’ One of the corollaries is that a bad system beats individual efforts for improving (almost) almost every time. Dr. Ralph-Christan Ohr, a global Top 20 blogger on innovation in 2016, translated this finding into the world of innovation management. He concludes that it takes both well-versed people and appropriate corporate innovation systems for sustainable innovation success.

Our take: Sub-optimal innovation management systems are one of three root causes for disappointing innovation results (see HERE). Our ENGAGE model shows companies the areas in which their innovation management system is under-performing – and which levers provide the biggest impact for improving innovation results.

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How strong is your innovation evidence?

Time to read: 4 minutes

More and more organizations test their business ideas before implementing them. The best ones perform a mix of experiments to prove that their ideas have legs. What’s your mix of experiments for exploration and validation of a new business idea? More importantly, how strong is that evidence for understanding if customers will pay for your business idea? The Strategyzer blog took up these questions and plotted frequently use methodologies in a portfolio.

Our take: Growing the innovation skills base is a key cornerstone of our ENGAGE model. Every innovator should have a working knowledge of these methods and insights when to select a particular method.

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Innovation is a key driver for future organization

Time to read: 5-60 minutes (Exec Summary / Study)

BCG’s Rainer Strack recently said that ‘the way we work a decade from now will be almost unrecognizable to today’s business leaders‘. He based this statement on a BCG study on the key trends that will shape tomorrow’s organizations. These trends included rapidly evolving technologies, business models, demographics and workplace attitudes as well as automation, big data and advanced analytics, access to information and ideas.

Interestingly, BCG also identified innovation as one of the ‘Twelve Forces That Will Radically Change How Organizations Work’. Modern innovation management systems contribute, in BCG’s view, to much-needed speed and agility.

Our take: Best-in-class innovation management systems not only produce superior innovation results – they help to secure the company’s future. They also shape the way the company will be working in the future. This might be a new mandate for Corporate Innovation Managers.

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