To succeed in Digital Transformation, ENGAGE the organization

frankmattes Thought Leadership

Digital Transformation is certainly one of the hottest topics. As’s Frank Mattes illustrated in a recent speech in Merck’s Innovation Center (see the video below), Digital mastery means getting the WHAT right as well as the HOW.

Based on the analysis of literally hundreds of documents and the insights from a Peer Group process with leading firms it seems that 5 cornerstones are relevant for taking the organization into Digital (see video at the 44:30 mark):

  • Leadership
  • People
  • Culture
  • Transformation process
  • Organization

Many companies are working on the Transformation process.

We have found that our ENGAGE model provides a solid basis for identifying the cornerstones of a solid Transformation process.

Watch the video here:


  • 04:30 Digital Transformation
  • 16:35 What Digital means for R&D and Innovation
  • 18:15 New innovation horizons
  • 36:55 New innovation ecosystems
  • 39:40 Re-engineering R&D and Innovation work
  • 49:20 Transforming the company