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Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Frank Mattes

I am innovation.support’s founder and CEO and also responsible for Central Europe.

For maintaining innovation leadership, engaging the organization is a MUST in our fast-moving and complex business environment.

With ENGAGE, we have a solid, effective and efficient approach to achieve this. And we have the services that help in getting results. Fast.

I would be delighted to discuss how we could help turning your innovation ambitions into results.

  • +49-(0)611-8907870-0
  • frank.mattes(at)innovation.support 

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United Kingdom, Ireland

Rob Munro

Innovation, growth and renewal are key concerns of business leaders. I’ve spent over 20 years inside leading industrial companies dedicated to transforming the innovation potential of business.

I’m really excited about our ENGAGE model and the services that we have built on it which will make a rapid and lasting impact.

I would be delighted to talk about how we can increase the value of your innovation investments.

  • +44 (0)161 457 0435 
  • rob.munro@innovation.support 

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Benelux & Nordic

Jan De Kezel

I’m innovation.support NV’s founder and responsible for innovation.support’s operations.

Innovation leadership requires a versatile and powerful engine, turning your organisation’s great ideas into tangible results and market success. Our passion is to help your team in building and tuning that engine.

You will find advice, training, coaching and support, brought by innovation experts and delivered in effective service packages.

I’m looking forward to hear more about your projects and think with you how we can catalyze your innovation program.

  • +32-(0)498-91 56 18 
  • jan.de.kezel@innovation.support 

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Frank Dethier

I am co-founder of innovation.support Western Europe / Nordics and responsible for innovation service delivery.

Nowadays, every company needs to be an innovation firm and it’s our passion to help you create that. Our job will be finished when we have made ourselves redundant and employees in your company are engaged, a strong innovation culture is fully embedded, your company constantly delivers several types of innovations to the market and is excellent in operations as well as in innovation.

I am delighted to support you in that change.

  • +32-(0)479-970900 
  • frank.dethier@innovation.support  

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Roberto Abramovich

Roberto is an innovation expert and senior associate based in France. He has gained global experience in inspiring / structuring / managing innovation and marketing initiatives in various industries such as healthcare, cleaning, food, sports apparel, technology. He also supported a number of tech startups (as mentor and advisor).

I’m looking forward to hear more about your projects and how we can support your innovation programs.

  • +33 7 8223 5318

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South Africa

Louis Bouwer

I am the founder of innovation.support ZA and responsible to grow our business footprint in this geographical region.

With innovation management, I assist companies to consistently deliver new unique solutions of value for their customers.

Solutions which generate brand recognition in the market, growth for shareholders and a future for their employees.

I am delighted to support your ambitions in this context.

  • +27 (0)76 051 6430
  • louis.bouwer@innovation.support 

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