Investments into innovation rise.
Results are not satisfying.

This is the
Corporate Innovation Problem™.

Do you know where to upgrade
your innovation operating system
to boost results?

Your peers do.
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How is YOUR COMPANY doing in innovation?


Only 25% of companies say that they are excellent both in idea creation as well as in idea execution.


47% of senior executives describe their company’s various innovation activities as a ‘costly failure’


Innovation will change: In 2020, 68% of R&D spend will go into Software and Services and only 32% in Products.

Many companies are feeling the pain of the Corporate Innovation Problem™.

You are working hard to find a remedy.
We help you find the answers to your questions.

What do I need to do so that innovation thrives and we achieve a best-in-class Return On Innovation?

– Board Member, CxO –

How can we conquer new shores, implement new ideas and engage the organization for innovation?

– Corporate Innovation Manager –

What are proven approaches to get the right insights and generate strong innovation concepts?

– Business Unit R&D Manager – 

How can we make the company more receptive for the breakthrough innovation concepts we develop?

– Head of Innovation Center –

How can we get more and better innovation concepts through our company’s innovation funnel?

– Business Development –

How can IT help in driving the corporate innovation capabilities and extend innovation to Digital?

– Chief Information Officer – 

Understand the Corporate Innovation Problem™

Companies are investing heavily into innovation. Yet it many cases, Return On Innovation is disappointing. This is the Corporate Innovation Problem™.

Learn how to solve the Corporate Innovation Problem™

Our unique ENGAGE model helps to solve the Corporate Innovation Problem™. It builds on academic research and Best Practices.

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